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First steps

Welcome to Chapter 2 of Fourvenues Academy. With this chapter, you’ll be able to create and set up an event quickly and easily. Let’s get started! After setting up our business in Chapter 1, it’s time to set up an event from the main screen. You just have to click on the blue “Create event” button.

Set up your event

Within the event creation, select the date and time of the event, for example, Thursday, June 8th. In this example, the event starts at 10:00 PM and ends at 5:30 AM the next day. The absence of an asterisk indicates that 10:00 PM belongs to June 8th, and the * indicates that 5:30 AM belongs to the early hours of June 9th. It’s time to name your event, select one of the previously created locations, or add a new location.

The “copy rates” option duplicates the rates from the event held on the same day of the previous week. The “repeat event” option is used if you want to repeat this event weekly until a specific date. Now, you can click to create the event and then continue – you have successfully created your event!

Access the “event details” section to review the event information. Here, you can set the name and description that will appear on the event microsite. You can also specify the dress code or the minimum age to access.

Later, you can schedule the end of ticket sales for the event. You can choose to make tickets available until the end of the event, up to an hour before the start, or with a completely customized setting.

As a final step, you can decide whether to show or hide the event location. You can also customize the event flyer, although by default, the flyer previously set in the business data section in settings will be used.

And that’s it! You’ve now created your event! You can view the event in your business calendar with a “configure event” tab. Clicking on this tab, you’ll find various configuration options that will allow you to delve deeper into event organization.

In the right column of this section, you can set the rates for this event. Lists, tickets, passes, VIP access, and reservations are configurable in this section. In the next episode of Fourvenues Academy, we’ll teach you how to set up Lists. Let’s go!


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3. Set up list

Continuing with chapter 3 to complete the “Set Up Your Event” module!



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