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Automations and statuses​


Schedule the start and end of sales and ticket availability quickly and easily.


Firsts steps

Welcome to the Additional Configuration chapter of the Fourvenues Academy Ticket Module. In this chapter you will learn how to schedule a start and end of a sale, and how to disable or hide a ticket type. Let’s get started!

Schedule start of sale

To schedule the start of sale of a type of ticket, from the list of events, go to configure event, then to the tickets section and select the type of ticket you want to configure. Go to the Options section and select the day and time you want the type of ticket to be activated, setting a date and time later than the current one. The tariff will be shown in the sales links as soon available until the selected date arrives.

If you activate the countdown, in the same Options section, a countdown of the time remaining to activate the sale of the type of ticket being configured will appear in the sales links.

Tickets visibility

Visible or Hidden: set the ticket type to hidden so that neither the customer nor the pro users can see it.

Available or Sold Out: marks a ticket type as sold out, disabling the Available option so that the customer can see the ticket type from the sales link but it will show as Sold Out. The pro users will also be able to see the ticket, but will not be able to generate sales.

Save configuration for the future

If you want to replicate the configuration, click on the three dots and select duplicate. When you duplicate a ticket type it is created with the same name, hidden and has an asterisk to indicate that it is a copy.

You can also delete a ticket type or save changes for the future. When you save forward changes, they are applied to events created on the same day of the week and where the same ticket type is configured. If the ticket type is not created, the changes will not be applied. If you want the rate to be created, for example every Thursday, you will have to save it forward when you first set it up.

Automatic closing of sales

To set a date for closing the sale, go back to the configuration of an event and from the event details page, select the day and time you want to close the sale in the end date section. It is important to note that, from this section, you will close the sale of all services, not just the ticket service.

It is possible to customise the closure by choosing between One day before, One hour before, Start of event, End of event or manually fill in a certain day and time.

You are now an expert at automating your sales! If you want to continue to get the most out of Fourvenues PRO and take your business to the next level, continue with the next episode. Let’s go!

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5. Additional wizard data and information

Continuing with chapter 5 to complete the “Tickets” module!



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