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Reports and counts


We teach you how to view complete counts, KPIs in the input dashboard, sales reports, financial report and more reports.


Firsts steps

Welcome to the reports and recounts chapter of the Fourvenues Academy Inbound Module. In this chapter you will learn where to access sales, reports and dashboard KPIs. Let’s get started!

Generic reports

From the list of events, enter the event we want to view. The main screen shows information about the progression of your sales and the total sales made. It is important to note that the ticket KPIs show the amount collected through all sales channels, including the total amount transacted through the payment gateway and the total amount collected in cash. It also shows imported tickets. If you want to see only the total transacted through our payment gateway, you should consult the financial report.

Breakdowns of reports

You can view the number of tickets sold by each sales channel by accessing the reports section, then Users and teams and ticket service. The list shows the breakdown of sales by users and external collaborations.

You can also consult the breakdown of tickets sold by type of ticket from the reports section and then tickets from the main event screen. This dashboard shows sales information grouped by type of ticket, by hour of sale, day of sale and an evolution of sales over the last month.

It is possible to filter the charts by tickets generated through sales links or through Fourvenues Pro.

The financial report on the main event screen shows the total sales made through the Fourvenues payment gateway. You can see the breakdown of money transacted by category.

Now you know where to check your team’s sales, turnover and results! If you want to continue to get the most out of Fourvenues PRO and take your business to the next level, continue with the next episode.
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9. Importing and exporting entries

Continuing with chapter 9 to complete the “Tickets” module!



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