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Ticket type configuration


Learn how to create different rates, the difference between public and limited, configure price jumps and limit dates and tickets in the simplest way.


Firsts steps

From your event screen, go to the event settings and then to the ticket section. Here, set up a new ticket type and choose a name for it, e.g. “Ticket with a drink”.

In the first steps of the ticket type configuration, you will be able to choose whether the ticket is public or limited. If you select the public ticket type, it will be available and active for all users who collaborate with your organisation.

If you select the limited ticket type, you must indicate which groups and external teams or special users can generate sales with the configured conditions; if you do not select users, the ticket type will not be active for any sales channel. In the advanced configuration chapter, limit by sales channels, you will learn how to set these limits according to your needs.

Price setting

To set a price for the type of ticket you are creating, click on add price. As an example, set up promotional tickets at €15. Next in the price settings, you can edit the booking fee that is paid by the customer as a fixed amount or a percentage of the ticket price. Fourvenues will apply a cost to the total transaction.

Add the number of tickets you want to sell at that price, in this example 50, and if you want to add a time limit. The default time limit will be at the end of the event.

Finally, you can add what is included in the ticket purchase and if you have any special conditions that you want to appear in the sales process and in the PDF of the ticket itself.

Automatic price jumps

Go back and click on add price again to add price jumps, these allow you to automate price increases, either by quantity of tickets sold or arrival date. You can also do a combination of both.

In the video example, the first 50 tickets will be sold at €15 and will automatically increase to €20 until 200 tickets are sold, when the sale will be completely closed.

Save the configuration you have created and remember, the sale links will always show the current price of the ticket, not showing previous or subsequent prices that may have been configured.

You are now an expert at setting up tickets! If you want to continue to get the most out of Fourvenues PRO and take your business to the next level, continue with the next episode. Let’s go!

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3. Add-ons and discounts

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